Reverse Mandrel – 6″

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These mandrels are used in conjunction with either of our reverse countersinks or reverse counterbores (sold separately).
Overall length: 6 inch
Mandrel diameter: Specified when ordering

How to use a reverse mandrel:
1. The reverse mandrel is located into the bore of the job.
2. The cutter (sold separately) is aligned onto the end of the mandrel with the cutting edges facing the job (on the far side of the component), ensuring a good locating fit in the slot of the cutter.
3. The mandrel is rotated (either by hand or machine) in the correct orientation, whilst pulling the mandrel towards yourself.
4. Remove cutter and voila!

Additional information

Arbor Ø

.0937" (2.38mm), .1250" (3.17mm), .1562" (3.97mm), .1875" (4.76mm), .2500" (6.35mm), .3125" (7.94mm), .3750" (9.52mm), .5000" (12.70mm)