Tool Resharpening

Reducing new tool costs

Ultracut not only manufactures new cutting tools, but also offer a complete re-sharpen service to maintain tools as close to “as new” condition as possible, this can greatly reduce new tool costs.* These can include, (but not limited to) the following:

Drills                                      Jobber, Step, Gun Barrel, W Point , Double Margin, Dagger, Adaptor, Extension.

Reamers                                 Plain, Step, One-shot, Double-shot, Triple-shot, Adaptor.

Cutters                                   End Mills, Slot Drills, Generic Shank Type Cutter, Generic Bore Type Cutter.

Countersinks                         HSS, TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped), Solid Carbide, PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond).

Holesaws                               Plain Shank, Threaded Shank, HSS, TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped), Solid Carbide.

Taps                                       Lead only, Gun nose (spiral point) only or Lead & flute face.

Equine Dental Files              Regrind teeth


In cases where tool re-sharpening will be an ongoing requirement, Ultracut can send you a special Re-sharpen plastic safe case ensuring the safe arrival of your tools to us and then back to you. These boxes are waterproof, shock proof and extremely sturdy, meaning quite heavy tools can be safely delivered.

In situations where the customer has multiple departments requiring re-sharpen boxes, Ultracut is fully equipped to have the department name or logo machined into the top of the box, therefore avoiding any confusion.


Ultracut also offers the option of having your tools re-coated to bring them back to their original condition. These coatings can include TiN, TiCN, ALTiN, TiALN etc.

Depending on the material being machined and the coating that was applied to the tool, these coatings can offer a huge performance gain and vastly increase tool life.

*Dependent on degree of damage/wear sustained during use.

“A penny saved is a penny earned”

Benjamin Franklin