Composite Tooling


Custom tooling suite for machining composite materials are designed and manufactured totally in house.

These tools have cutting geometries designed specifically for composite materials, these can include:

  • Solid Carbide
  • Diamond Tipped (Poly Crystalline Diamond), with carbide body
  • Diamond Coated Abrasives
  • Tooling with various coatings to assist in machining composites such as DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)


  PCD Countersinks (removable pilot)



PCD Countersinks (fixed pilot)


Dagger Drills


Drill & Cut Burrs



Composite Routers

Diamond Abrasive Holesaws

Spiral One-shot Reamers – one (1) diameter

One-shot Reamers – one (1) diameter

Double-shot Reamers – two (2) diameter’s

Triple-shot Reamers – three (3) diameter’s