Sanding Board – Spiral

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Aluminium oxide resin bond for smooth finishing action.
To be used with our expanding sanding drums, 101472 thru to 101476 (sold separately).

Diameter: Specified when ordering
Width: Specified when ordering
Sanding Grit: Specified when ordering

Additional information

Ø and width

.500"(Ø) x .500"(w), .750"(Ø) x .750"(w), 1.00"(Ø) x 1.00"(w), 1.50"(Ø) x 1.50"(w), 2.00"(Ø) x 1.50"(w)

Abrasiveness (grit)

036 grit (COARSE), 080 grit (MED/COARSE), 120 grit (MEDIUM), 180 grit (MED/FINE), 240 grit (FINE)