Threaded paint cutter set

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These four paint cutters are specifically designed to remove a small ring of paint around the head of screws that have been painted over.
Using these paint cutters will greatly reduce paint chipping and flaking during screw removal.
1/4 UNF (28tpi) male threads allows use in any industry standard adaptor tooling.
Center guide pin is spring loaded and fits perfectly in the center recess of the screw.

This set includes 1 each of the following packaged in a convenient storage case:

No04 paint cutter (Ø .254″ – 6.45mm)

No06 paint cutter (Ø .280″ – 7.11mm)

No08 paint cutter (Ø .302″ – 7.67mm)

No10 paint cutter (Ø .360″ – 9.14mm)

Additional information

Paint Cutter Ø

No04 (.254" – 6.45mm), No06 (.280" – 7.11mm), No08 (.302" – 7.67mm), No10 (.360" – 9.14mm)