.1610″ – #20 WG Carbide Doubleshot Reamer

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Australian Made.
Material: solid carbide
Overall length: 100mm
Cutting Length: 32mm
Finish reaming size: 0.1610 inch (No20)
Reamer diameter tolerance: +0.0005/ -0 inch
Doubleshot reamers work very similar to oneshot reamers, with the added advantage of a step to ensure the hole is first roughed, then finished using the .020 inch step to ensure the workpiece has an excellent finish.
These reamers also have an undercut at the step diameter to prevent delamination of the job.
Capable of drilling directly into the job and reaming through to create a concentric clean hole.
Generally used in manual operations for composite materials such as graphite epoxy, fibreglass and carbon fiber type materials.