.4375″ – 7/16″ TCT counterbore tool

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Australian Made.
This counterbore is equipped with tungsten carbide tips and an internal bore to allow for varying size interchangeable pilots to be fitted.(sold separately)
The tungsten carbide tips enable an excellent surface finish with high tool life.
Hardened high speed steel shank for rigidity.
Small shank diameter for use in a drill press or hand held drilling motors.
Special flute design for efficient cutting.

Material: high speed steel shank with fixed tungsten carbide tips.
Number of cutting faces (flutes): 4
Cutting diameter: .4375 +/- 0.001 inch
Corner radius: 0.070 inch
Bore diameter: 1/8 inch (allows for the addition of an interchangeable pilot.)
Shank diameter: 1/4 inch
Overall length: 3 inch

Ultracut also has the ability to resharpen counterbores in house, saving the customer on new tooling costs.