Diamond countersink (fixed pilot) – .500″ (1/2″)

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Australian Made.
Designed to countersink/chamfer holes at either 100 or 130 degree included angle with a controlled radius between the hole and the chamfer. This allows for an excellent seal between the rivet and the part, this is due to the rivet not fowling on a sharp edge and therefore seating along the full surface (angle and radius), rather than just on the angle itself.
Excellent for cutting hard or abrasive products such as composites like carbon fibre.
Material: Poly Crystalline Diamond tips fused with a threaded steel shank.
Overall length: Specified when ordering

Chamfering angle: Specified when ordering
Large diameter: .500″ (1/2″)
Pilot diameter: Specified when ordering with a tolerance of +0/-.0005 inch.
Corner radius: Specified above after selecting pilot Ø.
Shank Type: 1/4 UNF (industry standard).
Also has a 3mm though hole for tightening the tool into/out of a fixture.
Capable of machining (but not limited to): Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy, Zinc Magnesium Alloy, Carbon Graphite Composite, Fibreglass Composite, Graphite Composite, Epoxy Resin.
These countersinks can be resharpened in house by Ultracut, therefore saving on new tooling costs.

Additional information

Countersink Angle

100°, 130°

Countersink Pilot Ø

.1270", .1560", .1860", .1890" (#12 WG), .1900", .1970" (5.00mm), .1980", .2030" (13/64"), .2170", .2210" (#2 WG), .2300", .2460" ('D' WG), .2500" (1/4"), .2560" (6.50mm), .2620", .2770" ('J' WG), .3110" (7.90mm)