Carbide threaded countersink – .375″ (3/8″)

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Australian Made.
Designed to countersink/chamfer holes at either 100 or 130° included angle with a controlled radius between the hole and the chamfer. This allows for an excellent seal between the rivet and the part, this is due to the rivet not fowling on a sharp edge and therefore seating along the full surface (angle and radius), rather than just on the angle itself.
Excellent for cutting hard or abrasive products.
Material: solid carbide head with a threaded steel shank.
Overall length: 30mm (including threaded shank).
Shank Type: 1/4 UNF (industry standard).
Also has a 3mm through hole for tightening the tool into/out of a fixture.

Large diameter: .375″ (3/8″)
Countersink angle: Specified when ordering
Pilot diameter: Specified when ordering (tolerance of +0/-.0005″)
Pilot length: Specified when ordering
Radius size: Specified when ordering

These countersinks can be resharpened in house by Ultracut, therefore saving on new tooling costs.

Additional information

Countersink Angle

100°, 130°

Countersink Pilot Ø

.0980" (#40 WG), .1250" (1/8"), .1285" (#30 WG), .1562" (5/32"), .1590" (#21 WG), .1650", .1875" (3/16"), .1890" (#12 WG), .1935" (#10 WG), .2500" (1/4")