MHS series diamond plated hole saws

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MHS series Black and Decker type
Complete with slots for dust evacuation/extraction
This tool gets mounted on a 49NA01 arbour (sold separately) that can be held in any traditional chucking device.
Coated in Diamond makes this hole saw fantastic for cutting the following materials:
Fibreglass, Carbon, Ceramics, Carbide, Graphite, and various other non-ferrous, abrasion resistant materials.

Diamond: 40/60 grit
Outer diameter: Specified when ordering
Drilling Depth: 38mm (1.5 inch)
Suits arbour: 49NA01 (sold separately)

Additional information

Holesaw Ø

.500" (13mm), .562" (14mm), .625" (16mm), .750" (19mm), .875" (22mm), 1.000" (25mm), 1.062" (27mm), 1.125" (29mm), 1.187" (30mm), 1.250" (32mm), 1.375" (35mm), 1.500" (38mm), 1.750" (44mm), 1.875" (48mm), 2.000" (51mm), 2.250" (57mm), 2.500" (64mm), 3.000" (76mm), 3.250" (83mm), 3.500" (89mm), 4.000" (102mm), 4.250" (108mm), 4.500" (114mm), 5.000" (127mm)