PVD Coatings

Ultracut designed and developed the ULTRA 600 PVD coating plant over a 9 year period with one single goal in mind “Advanced Superior Coatings”.

This machine and the process is designed to be fully computer controlled which essentially means greater consistency, more precise, ultra hard and fine quality coatings.

The ULTRA 600 uses a Filtered Cathodic Arc Physical Vapor Deposition (FCAPVD) process which produces coatings that are extremely smooth, wear resistant, anti corrosive and ultra hard.

Our team of highly skilled staff not only excel at PVD coatings and cutting tool design, they are also instrumental in the research and development of these technologies ensuring the customer gets the best coating available.


Ultracut standard coatings include:


TiN                  This is a good general purpose coating.

Can be used in most applications such as drilling, cutting, forming, machining of carbon steels, cast iron & aluminium.


ALTiN             This is an extremely versatile coating with many uses.

Suitable for hardened steels up to 70HRC including cast irons, stainless steel, titanium, HSC machining and dry machining.


TiALN             This coating is similar to ALTiN but is slightly less brittle and more ductile making it better for roughing and interrupted cutting.

Ideal for machining steels up to 48HRC, and is highly suitable for wet or dry machining as well as high speed machining.


ALCrN            This coating has exceptional corrosion resistance and oxidation stability.

Specifically designed for high temperature steels up to 56HRC, titanium, fibre reinforced plastics & stainless steels.


ZrN+               This coating is suitable for machining titanium, cast irons and other non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, copper and brass.


CrN                 This coating is suitable for difficult to machine copper and titanium, CrN has exceptional anti corrosive and anti sticking properties.


DLC                 This coating is suitable for machining non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, graphite and composites such as

Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass.